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Give it a Whirl

We are launching the new (and hopefully improved) Wyrd webstore today. This time, with 100% fewer Gremlins in the works!
We mean 100% by loose definitions of 100%. Like how some people use literally to mean 'not literally.'

We're going to be straight with you. X-Cart was messed up. Seriously messed up. Orders disappeared into the aether, shipping was all messed up, and it was all around rife with headaches. You hated it, and so did we.

So we've spent the time to look at another option, and today we're presenting you with that option. But we need your help (and we want your money, if the url didn't give it away).

What can you do for us?

You can log into the webstore and look for issues. It's not that far off to GenCon, and no one wants to see GenCon with a buggy shopping cart ("Oh, you ordered Brewmaster? Guess you're order was lost, hehehe"). For that, we need people to shop. Even if you don't buy anything, please login to the webstore and check it out. Create an account. Poke around.

If you find something that's visually a mistake, we want to know. If you see a description that is wrong or missing a portion, we want to know. And if you find a legitimate functional bug, we want to know. We want this thing humming along like a Gremlin unaware of the gator two steps ahead.

Because we want your help, we're offering three incentives from today (the re-launch of the site) until sometime on Monday, May 18th.


  • First, we are putting many of our Special Edition models back on sale.
  • Second, we are offering (for the first time ever, and likely last) a 15% discount on products purchased. This will be redeemable through a coupon code (we also want to test that feature).

    COUPON CODE: Give-it-a-Whirl

  • Third, the first person to find and report a legitimate functional bug with the store will, if they place an order, get additional goodies included in their order. Only available once per bug.

Obviously we'd love for you to spend money (Aaron needs a new pair of shoes), but you can be really helpful just by logging in. Do it for the children. The creepy Malifaux children.

Please submit any issues or comments you have on our forum here.

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